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TCEQ finds Graham water dirty, but in compliance

After a recent complaint, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality tested the city of Graham’s water distribution system. They found the water dirty, but in compliance with regulatory limits.

“On May 15, the TCEQ Abilene Region received one complaint regarding dirty water in the Graham distribution system. On the same day, TCEQ sent investigators to the complainant’s residence and measured the disinfectant residuals and distribution pressure within the distribution system,” Brian McGovern, TCEQ’s media relations specialist, wrote in an email. “The disinfectant residuals and distribution pressure measured were in compliance with the regulatory limits, but the water was dirty. The water system operators flushed the lines and the water cleared in ten minutes.“

McGovern continued in the email, the TCEQ returned to the area on May 21 to collect water samples and measure the disinfectant residuals and pressure. The agency again found the water to be dirty, but in compliance with regulatory limits. As of June 28, the TCEQ had not received any additional complaints and the TCEQ investigation into the issue was ongoing.

The media relations specialist also spoke to the standards which are set for distribution systems to be in compliance with.

“Federal and state regulations have set standards for 102 contaminants for microorganisms, disinfection by-products, disinfectants, organic and inorganic chemicals, and radionuclides,” McGovern wrote. “All public water systems in Texas are required to monitor the levels of contaminants present in treated water and to verify that each contaminant does not exceed its maximum contaminant level, disinfectant level, and/or action level.”

He added the city of Graham utilizes surface water from two intakes as its source of drinking water and, as of June 28, the city did not have any boil water notices on record.

On June 27, Graham City Manager Brandon Anderson released a public statement on the water issues. He said the city is addressing the issues by flushing the lines. He also said for those experiencing similar issues to contact City Hall at 940-549-3322 to request a work order for their area.

Anderson said the majority of the problem arises in areas of town where the infrastructure is older and flushing the lines is currently the best way they can address the discoloration in the water.

“Planning and accomplishing the water line replacement and other projects will require a considerable amount of financial, equipment and time investment for the city,” Anderson wrote in another public statement on May 30.

For the rest of the story, see the Saturday, July 6 edition of The Graham Leader.



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