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    The Palo Pinto County Courthouse is currently hosting a court case between the Cliffs POA and Double Diamond Inc. The trial has been ongoing since Monday, April 22. Property owners of The Cliffs filed a lawsuit against Mike Ward, developer and operator of The Cliffs Resort, Double Diamond Inc. in which Ward is president, CEO, and majority owner and chairman of the board of the Dallas-based company, Double Diamond Management Corp., Double Diamond Utilities and other related Double Diamond entities tied to The Cliffs. (Leader photo by Nathan Lawson)

Trial centered around The Cliffs nearing conclusion

This article is a continuation of The Graham Leader’s and Lake Country Sun’s ongoing coverage of the trial at Palo Pinto Courthouse. For part one and two, see the April 27  and May 1 editions of The Graham Leader.

Mike Moore, 29th District Court Judge, said he could see the light at the end of the tunnel and he was not going to slow down during Wednesday’s day six of the trial centered around The Cliffs proceedings.

The judge made the statement after plaintiffs lawyer Mack Ed Swindle, with Whitaker Chalk Swindle and Schwartz of Fort Worth, asked for a week break before the rulings to give a chance for the two sides to reach a settlement.

Moore told the lawyer that they have had two plus years to reach a settlement and if they are going to reach a settlement then to reach it right now, before denying his request. The two sides did announce an agreement to split the costs of transcripts evenly and to turn in legal fees via affidavit which Moore approved.

Day six of the trial was filled with testimony from residents and property owners of The Cliffs. Bryan Harveston, Kenneth Hill,  Byrom J. Smith and Terry Dribble each took the stand to discuss their views on the water and sewage, loans, loss of house value and other accusations against Double Diamond.

For the rest of the story see the Saturday, May 4 edition of The Graham Leader.

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