Young County jail passes state inspection

The Young County Jail passed its annual inspection from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, whichwas given last month.Young County Jail Administrator Mitchell Netterville said the two-day inspection is no pushover.

It was carried out completely at random on April 23-24, with the inspector setting up at the jail and checking various areas for possible violations in documentation, equipment, food and many other areas, Netterville said.

“We have 24 areas that we have to get checked off on,” he said. “You know, you have your fire alarm, you have your sprinkler system, your health inspection for your kitchen, menu on what you are feeding inmates and those kind of things.”

There were two areas of minor concern for the jail inspector, but Netterville said they were easily fixed.

“We had two areas of technical assistance which were basically paperwork,” he said “One was our disciplinaries, the other one was one of our jailers paperwork wasn’t up to date and we corrected those that day.”

The jail passed last year on April 12-13 without any issues even though Netterville said the TCJS came about two months earlier than they had the previous year. One of the reasons for the TCJS not giving notice about the inspection is because jails can prepare ahead, Netterville said.

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