Letter to the Editor

It’s all about profits

It's official! Walmart is suing the state of Texas for the right to sell hard liquor in its stores. Their stated goal in 2012 was "that Walmart will be the #1 retailer of "spirits" (that's hard liquor) in the world," They did not talk about DUIs, underage drinking or alcohol-related fatalities because that is not their concern. They want sales! Did they give $25,000 in 2012, $38,000 in 2014, or $55,000 this year to push alcohol sales in/on Graham because they want a better life for the families and children of Graham? Of course not! They want profits! The corporate executives of Walmart, Inc. don't have their children in our schools or us for their neighbors. They probably can't tell you where Graham, Texas is. They want money from alcohol sales!
Two questions. Why is our mayor, our police chief, our fire chief, our president of the school board, and other civic leaders against the sale of alcohol in our community? It is because they know that more alcohol availability will lead to more alcohol misuse/abuse. "Convenience" is not worth the negative impact of more alcohol in our city.
Do we want people from Bentonville, Ark. (Walmart headquarters) and Austin (Texas Petition Strategies) telling us what is best for us? I don't! I love my community. I want our quality of life remain strong and our children to remain safe. I urge you to vote against the sale of alcohol on Nov. 8.
Joe Finfrock



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