Letter to the Editor

Sick of picking up trash

I am sick to death of the trashy people who throw trash in the back of their pickups/ vehicles, etc. and continue to let it blow out on the highway along people’s property. And maybe you just throw it out the window, how rude and irresponsible is that?
We are responsible people and try and respect everyone’s property whether it be in town are on our own property. We pick up food sacks, drink cups, beer cans, beer cartons, plastic bags, cattle feed bags, and the list could go on. Most of this trash eventually blows off the road ditches into our property for us to clean up. We even clean up our bar ditches so that our property will not look like a trash hole.
I wish I knew where you trashy people live so I could gather it up and scatter it on your property for you to clean up and see how you feel.
We were raised to respect the littering laws and people’s property and do our very best to never throw out trash on the highways or in town. I smoke and don’t even throw out a cigarette butt anywhere. What is wrong with you?
I know this letter won’t do one bit of good except that I can vent how awful some folks have no respect for our town and properties.
Linda Pankey Hendricks

The Graham Leader

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