• The Steers have seen a lot of good offensive linemen come through. With his combination of size, speed and work ethic, Hunter Dooley may be the best to ever play in Graham.
  • Hunter Dooley might have the chance to play college football one day. For the next two seasons, Steers fans can watch the humble kid at Newton Field on Friday nights.

Dooley looks like the total package at left tackle

There is a stereotype about offensive lineman that often rings true.
The strong, silent type.
The “big teddy bears” with gargantuan-sized and soft hearts.
Immense power wrapped in a protective personality.
They don’t get the attention like the quarterbacks, receivers and running backs; in fact, maybe the best indication of success for an offensive lineman is when they don’t draw any attention.
For Graham offensive tackle Hunter Dooley, the shoe fits.
The big junior stands somewhere in the ballpark of 6-feet, 4-inches or 6-feet, 5-inches tall, depending on which coach is describing him.
He’s somewhere around 260 to 270 pounds with room to add weight in his lower body.
He’s quiet and fits the lineman stereotype perfectly.
What makes Dooley different is the fact that he might just be the best to ever put on a Graham jersey.
“As a player he’s probably the best lineman I’ve coached in 28 years on the job,” offensive line coach Robert Sides said. “I’ve had some good ones, too. He’s so young, even for his age. He’s a junior that should probably still be a sophomore. To have two years experience is pretty good.”
Sides said that Dooley’s footwork stands out as part of his game that is well above average.
He also said that Dooley is blessed with agility that doesn’t typically come in his shape and size.
“When he grows up and gets some lower body strength, he’ll be unbelievably good,” Sides said.
For Dooley, there isn’t much outside of football.
Sure, he likes fishing, bowling and going to the movies.
“Small town stuff,” he calls it.
More than any of that, he loves football.
“I like getting things right,” Dooley said. “I like hitting and blocking. I like the fact that we’re all working hard every day.”
Dooley possesses all the traits that coaches drool over.
He’s quiet, coachable, driven, respectful and focused.
He cares about the team more than his individual accolades and he prides himself on bringing teammates together.
“He’s a genuine kid,” Sides said. “I love him just like he was my own kid. He’s making everything he can out of what he’s got. A lot of kids try to test the waters for everything, but he just lives football. He’s straight. He doesn’t use any foul language or go out and party or anything like that.”
With his amount of talent and work ethic, it won’t be long before Dooley swaps Friday nights for playing football on the final day of the week.
Until then, Graham fans have the two-season opportunity of cheering for a kid who deserves praise on and off the field, perhaps more than any who have come before him.



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