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    RoseMary Schaffer finished her high school track career by signing a letter of intent to run with McMurray University. Schaffer finishes her Lady Blues track career as a bi-district champion, area champion and two-time state finalist. Leader photo by Mike Williams
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    RoseMary Schaffer signs a letter of intent to run track at McMurrary College. Schaffer finishes her Lady Blues track career as a bi-district champion, area champion and two-time state finalist. Leader photo by Mike Williams

Schaffer is running off to college

Graham Lady Blues track runner RoseMary Schaffer signed her national letter of intent to run at McMurry University on Thursday morning in the library at Graham High School. The signing caps off a record-breaking high school career for Schaffer, a four-year runner at the varsity level for the Lady Blues. It was a career that Schaffer was not sure she would ever have.

“I quit track in seventh grade,” Schaffer said. “I got pneumonia, bronchitis, strep (throat) and the flu almost all at once. They kicked me off of everything because I missed like a week of school. I came back with a week left, so I just quit. They didn’t trust me after I quit.”

That trust was quickly earned back. She returned in eighth grade to play basketball. Later that spring, she ran track and the records started breaking. She still holds a record along with Summer Croxton, Claire Jones and Chloe Menard.

“I didn’t think I would get going onto college level,” she said. “I really didn’t think I would see myself doing that, let alone finishing high school.”

In high school, the accolades continued to pour in. Schaffer is a bi-district champion, an area champion and a two-time state finalist. Again, with Croxton, Jones and Menard, she holds a GHS record in the 4x200 relay. Both her and coach Jim Walton believe that one more trip to the state track meet could have happened.

“She been an outstanding teammate,” Walton said. “A very hard worker. I wish I had a dollar for any time someone in Graham or at another track meet would walk up and say, “that girl has the most beautiful form of anybody I’ve ever seen.’ We’re so excited for her.”

During her second trip to the state meet, in 2019, Schaffer realized that running in college could be a reality. She received the first of what became several college offers. She received in-state offers from Lubbock Christian University and Hardin Simmons as well as out of state offers in Michigan and Arkansas. However, after visiting McMurray University in Abilene, Schaffer knew where she wanted to go.

“When I went and toured, I met all of the track runners that I’m going to be running with in the future,” she said. “I think that was the most exciting part. I started a family there of my own. Just like I have a family here for track, I already have one growing and I’m excited to go be a part of their team. I feel like I’m going to be a big help for them.”

When Schaffer arrives at McMurray University in the fall, she will major in sociology and criminology. Her academic plans do not end with McMurray. She plans to attend law school and eventually become a family law lawyer.

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