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    Dreaming of a midsummer night in early October

    10/02/2015 05:25 PM CDT
    Almost 400 years after his death, William Shakespeare's words can often be heard in modern day conversation. Sometimes we quote the English poet, playwright and actor verbatim:  • To be, or not to be: that is the question” — Hamlet (Act III, Scene I) • “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” — Hamlet (Act I, Scene III) • “This above all: to thine own self be true” — Hamlet (Act I, Scene III) • “Et tu, Brute! 
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    Treason and Theft
    12/04/2013 02:59 PM CST - Treason and theft I am sick and tired of the complete stupidity coming out of Washington, D.C. Treason, as I understand it, in its simplest form is to give help to the enemy. Read more

    The Trouble America is in
    12/04/2013 02:59 PM CST - First of all, I would say the whole world realizes the condition our country is in. The Bible tells us that God himself is the one who selects our presidents (Romans 13:1). Read more

    Drive-in Thanks
    12/04/2013 02:59 PM CST - Thank you voters! Thank you Honda!   The Graham Drive-In was one of 122 drive-in theaters across the country that recently participated in a nation-wide online contest to win a new digital projector. Read more

    Forced Taxation
    12/04/2013 02:59 PM CST - Are we living in “Little D.C.”? Are we now living in our own “little nightmare”? I am descended from Virginia settler who came to the New World in the early 1600s for freedom of religion, economic opportunity and prosperity. Read more