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    Letter to the editor: Liberty

    08/22/2014 05:22 PM CDT
    LIBERTY I looked up the definition of liberty in my Webster‘s dictionary not long ago and was surprised to see that the definition had changed from the definition that our founding fathers had. 
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    Response to: Beef: It's what is getting more expensive
    08/22/2014 05:20 PM CDT - I am writing in response to a recent article in the graham Leader that was located on the front page, dated Aug. 3, 2014. In this article, several eating establishments and one individual were quoted complaining about rising beef prices and their effect on their businesses. Read more

    Treason and Theft
    12/04/2013 02:59 PM CST - Treason and theft I am sick and tired of the complete stupidity coming out of Washington, D.C. Treason, as I understand it, in its simplest form is to give help to the enemy. Read more

    The Trouble America is in
    12/04/2013 02:59 PM CST - First of all, I would say the whole world realizes the condition our country is in. The Bible tells us that God himself is the one who selects our presidents (Romans 13:1). Read more

    Drive-in Thanks
    12/04/2013 02:59 PM CST - Thank you voters! Thank you Honda!   The Graham Drive-In was one of 122 drive-in theaters across the country that recently participated in a nation-wide online contest to win a new digital projector. Read more

    Forced Taxation
    12/04/2013 02:59 PM CST - Are we living in “Little D.C.”? Are we now living in our own “little nightmare”? I am descended from Virginia settler who came to the New World in the early 1600s for freedom of religion, economic opportunity and prosperity. Read more

    Motorcyclist brags to cops he hit 185 mph in chase

    CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire police say a motorcyclist clocked at 127 mph bragged after being arrested that he had reached 185 mph during the chase. Full Story
    Made in America concert set to rock Los Angeles

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Downtown Los Angeles is ready for its inaugural outdoor music festival Saturday despite concerns from residents about possible security and traffic issues. Full Story